Would you believe it, a whole nine months have passed already. This month we crossed the 100-days-to-go point and oh boy, I really need to find some other things to photograph. Much of the warm and settled weather is now behind us and we now stare down the barrel of another 6 months of darknessContinue reading “September…”

Physical Media

This past year I’ve been doing something I didn’t think I’d be doing again. After getting rid of all of my CDs, DVDs, books and anything else that wasn’t bolted down, I’ve been re-buying many of them. Whilst streaming can be great for discovering things you might have missed, it’s all too easy for anContinue reading “Physical Media”


You may or may not have seen a little-known mini-series on the SciFi channel called The Langoliers. It was a TV adaptation of a Stephen King short story called Four Past Midnight. Anyway, it tells the story of a disparate bunch of people who fall asleep on a plane ride and wake up to findContinue reading “May…”

A Perfect Circle – Disillusioned

A Perfect Circle were a band I regretfully failed to give a proper airing. They emerged in the early 2000s when “new metal” was starting to hit the mainstream. However, unlike a lot of other bands that were around at the time, A Perfect Circle seem to have aged far better than most. This trackContinue reading “A Perfect Circle – Disillusioned”

Why you might want to try a 365 project…

We’ve all done it. You pick up a camera one day and suddenly you’re all in. You want to spend your time shooting, learning and scratching that itch until it goes away. But then you have a run of lousy, uninspiring weather and the camera goes away for a few weeks. You feel uninspired andContinue reading “Why you might want to try a 365 project…”