As months go March was pretty good, at least in the photographic sense. Spring was most definitely in the air and the sunshine we did have had a touch more warmth in it than we’d have in “winter” mode.

However, I’m already feeling as though I’m exhausting the points of interest within the neighbourhood. It’s been a year since we retreated to our homes to wait out the pandemic, but I get the feeling that it’s still not quite done with us yet.

068/365 - Yes, yes I know...
Yes, there was still a fair amount of water to shoot this month…

I’m starting to reach the limits of the equipment I have where water is concerned. It’s a nice problem to have, but it’s just too bright in the evenings at the moment. A tripod and an ND filter has been added to my shopping list.

Fortunately, there’s some water in some very dark places…

077/365 - Ghosts
Back to the mine…

I decided to return to the mine tunnel, the former Cwm Dws Colliery that I shot last month, but spent a bit more time setting up the shot using some flat rocks I found nearby. It is said that the tunnel goes back around 400m into the hillside, but the light only penetrates through the grate for a few feet. This was with a 30 second exposure too.

079/365 - Hall of Memories

This month I also got the chance to take a look around a local carpenter’s workshop. Arthur has been keeping himself busy here for half a century already and his shed was filled with interesting pieces.

060/365 - Spring...

As we head on into April I am very much hoping there will be some travel outside the town that I live in, but if not, I guess limitations breed creativity, don’t they…






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