The Best of January 2021

As months go, January has never been a favourite. We may see the year in with grand plans for what we are going to achieve in the coming year, but that seems to get quietly forgotten once a few more weeks of darkness and murk seep into our pores.

However, as the first month on this current 365 project draws to a close, I can at least be pleased that I’m still in the hunt and that I do have some reasonable photos to add to the store.

Water, water…

The photo up top was particularly pleasing. I’m lucky enough to live near a large hill with forestry around it. As it rained a lot this January there has been plenty of fast-moving streams to splash about in.

029/365 - Cascade

On the subject of water, we did have a worrying spell where the river nearby came perilously close to bursting its banks…again. Fortunately, within a few days the water starting to take on a fluffier texture.

024/365 - Obligatory Snowman Shot

We don’t get a lot of snow around here, but when we do, it’s always makes life interesting…less so now that many of us are working from home and no longer have to fret about getting stuck on the commute.

Finally, a surprise hit was this pile of wet logs.

019/365 - SOGGY

Signs of Spring

It may only be January, but the daffodils are already starting to appear and the sunset has made its way out to 5pm already. It won’t be long before I’ll have a whole hour of daylight after work.

Something to look forward to, eh. Onto February then…

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Collector of useless information, currently attempting to simplify life, in the interests of the planet and his sanity.

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