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Way back in 2015 I started a little blog about cycling in Cardiff. It was called Cardiff By Bike and it was my way of learning and engaging with the realities of cycling in Wales’ capital city. Part of the reason I wanted to write about cycling was because so much of the internet andContinue reading “Consolidation”


We’re nearing the end of October, the clocks are going back an hour and once again I find myself trying to adjust to a new routine. I always used to be an early riser. When I started working full time in my late teens I’d usually be waiting for the 7:00am train, wide awake andContinue reading “Autumn”


Back in 2015 I rediscovered cycling. Truth be told, I became a little obsessed with it. What started out as a desire to get a little fitter and improve my health became an all-consuming obsession that saw me take on 100-mile rides around south Wales and south-west England. I then really leant into it andContinue reading “Summer…”

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